Why Invest in a Birth Doula?

Because you deserve the chance to birth YOUR way and on YOUR terms!

You want to birth your baby on your own terms., and you’d like help to achieve that. 

You want to be educated of your options BEFORE labour so you can make INFORMED decisions on the day.

You’d like someone with you who can make sure your voice is heard if your concerns are being dismissed. 

Hiring a doula can reduce the risk of unnecessary interventions, use of pain medication, and even caesarean. 

You’ve had a traumatic birth experience in the past and want this birth to be a positive experience.

You’ve had a caesarean before and would like extra support to achieve a vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC)

Doulas are advocates for physiological birth and will be in your corner throughout pregnancy and birth. Hospital midwives and obstetricians unfortunately don’t see a lot of physiological birth. 

You want to avoid using pain medications; and want access to a tool-kit to help you do so (Including TENS machine, rebozo, massage tools etc.)

You want someone who can remind you of your innate ability to birth your baby; and the strength you have within you to do so!

To help you prepare for birth (birth preferences), so you can have a clear vision of your optimal birth but also have a backup plan for when things don’t go the way you had hoped.

You want your partner to be well supported and informed so that they can best support you. It can be hard for them to see you in labour and often feel helpless – that’s where I come in! I clue them in on what to do!

You’d like someone who can do most of the thinking for you in labour – like what positions to try; to make sure you’re eating and drinking; and help you if labour stalls etc.

Why Invest in a Postpartum Doula?

Because you deserve to be honoured, held, and nourished in your postpartum.
You’ve just birthed your baby; your body needs time to rest and heal!

Because you want to meet your breastfeeding goals, and know that education and and support is key!

You’d like someone to debrief your birth experience with; someone who will hold space for you.

Your body takes 9 months to grow a baby; your body needs time to rest AFTER baby too!

Why hire a Postpartum Doula

As a Mum you’re always holding, carrying and feeding your children; you deserve these things too!

When mama is; healthy, happy, nurtured and well-rested then mama can fully show up for her family.

You want to put YOUR needs on the table, along with everyone else’s, because you are important TOO!

You have a history of depression/anxiety and would like extra postpartum support.

You’re a single mama or your partner can’t have much time off work so you’d like to make sure you are adequately supported!

You had a traumatic previous birth and stressful postpartum, and would like to have a healing experience this time round.